Rarely can a business owner gain insight and valuable information from leaders within the retail, financial and marketing sectors all in one location. Our business development conference, conducted exclusively for the dealer network annually, provides every tool available to develop and grow profitable businesses with a take home approach and strategy which allow retailers to put theory into practice. The benefit of the INSPIRE conference provides business owners with an opportunity to learn from the experts but more importantly to feel part of a supported and supportive network. With guest speakers, workshop facilitators, networking dinners, activities and an awards night, the retailer is left feeling “INSPIRED”.

  • Create and implement marketing plans.
  • Develop smart branding strategies.
  • Understand how culture applies in customer service delivery, staff recruitment and staff retention.
  • Understand and interpret the importance of consistency in applying culture across all facets of the business.
  • Discover ways to minimise tax and build wealth.
  • Gain retailing ideas from the experts.
  • Create a “sale-able” business for the future.